Frequently asked questions


Where are you located?

We live in northeast Oklahoma, about 30 miles northeast of Tulsa in a town called Claremore. However, if you live in any surrounding states we are happy to meet you half way to deliver your puppy.


How do I apply to get a puppy?

The first step is to use our site to learn about goldendoodles and decide if a golden doodle is the right fit for your family, as our dogs all need forever homes. Next, simply go to the price page to click on PUPPY APPLICATION and complete a short application. Once your application has been processed we will contact you. There will be a deposit of $250 to reserve your puppy. This deposit seals your spot to pick your puppy.  The remaining balance will be due when the puppies are 6 weeks old. We know how important your new puppy is to you and we will continuously stay in contact with updates on delivery and your puppy’s first 8 weeks via skype, email, and text.. The point of this is so that when you get your puppy home, you already feel like you know him/her.


When do I choose my puppy?

When the puppies are 4 to 5 weeks old we will start allowing future puppy parents to come and choose their new puppy in  the order in  which the deposits were received.


When do I get to take my puppy home?

Puppies can go to their forever homes when they are 8 weeks old.  Once your puppy is home he/she needs to be seen by a vet within 72 hours. If there are any problems, let me know within 24 hours and keep all record of the appointment. We care deeply about our puppies and want to make sure all of them are healthy. I reserve the right to have the puppy looked at by my vet. 


What do I get for the price? 

Our goldendoodles are F1 (first generation). Your puppy will have appropriate immunizations, a vet inspection, deworming, an information packet, a collar, a leash as well as a 24 month written guarantee that your puppy is healthy, and you will also receive your puppy’s health records from our vet and much more.


Will my puppy be registered?

No, they will not be registered as they are not sold to be bred, they are sold as pets only, and therefore registration is not a necessity.  However, Missy is AKC registered and you are more than welcome to see her registration. Our puppies will need to be spayed or neutered before they reach the age of 6 months.


What do your dogs eat?

Missy and her puppies will eat the 4 star rated brand of Victor dog food. Our puppies are fed 3 times a day and we ask that you continue to do this when you bring your puppy home. You can learn more about Victor dog food at


Will my puppy shed?

I cannot 100% guarantee that your puppy will not shed. I will say that most first generation goldendoodles shed moderately. Goldendoodles are usually a good match for people with mild allergies. Some F1’s will shed lightly and some not at all, but it is impossible to predict what your puppy will do.